UEFA is considering new mini

According to a report by the “AP” news agency, the European Football Union discusses a mini tournament with four teams in a city at the beginning of a season.

According to this, the best four teams in the Champions League preliminary round, which will be played in a league system from 2024, could take part in the event. This would mean that the Champions League winner will no longer play a UEFA super cup game against the Europa League winner as before. Instead of the royal class winner, the winner of the Conference League could play this game.

The New Champions League Format Explained

At UEFA there were always considerations of a final four tournament in the Champions League. Similarly, the winner of the premium class 2020 in Lisbon was determined during the Corona pandemic. The disadvantage of such a mode would be that two semi-final games and corresponding income would be omitted. The selection of the venues would also be limited because a city would have to house four teams with their fans.