How to get a coconut ingredient at Roblox Wacky Wizards

Join the constantly growing composition stupid wizards live events, completely chaotic volcano event here! Every two hours, players have a chance to take part in the event “Volcano” and fight with the famous Titan Bin and a new, almost alarming enemy of Binski. After the successful completion of this event, players will receive coconut ingredient! To learn more, continue to read below.

How to survive in a volcanic event and make a coconut

As soon as you appear at Wacky Wizards, head to the volcano and find the reverse reference sign depicted below. When this sign reaches zero, a window will appear on your screen with the question whether you want to take part in the event of a volcano. If you want to try your hand at obtaining a coconut ingredient, click yes !

How To Unlock

After joining the event, the volcano will begin to erupt and shoot beans on the map. Be careful, these beans will follow your every movement! Avoid circles that appear on Earth – they indicate where the beans will fall.

After the volcano is completely erupted, the bean titanium will rise from the bean lava and send tons of legumes to destroy the players. Swap these legumes from guns that appear next to the NPC Pete quickly!

After you shot down all the bob drones, the volcano will erupt again, this time calling Binski / Evil KSI. We warned you that he was half-lane!

Health scale Evil KSI (Binski) is displayed at the top of the screen. To defeat it, you will need to create a lot of potions and load them into any of the guns on the map. These guns will shoot potions at the evil CSI and reduce his health! We used an explosive potion, but any potion causing damage is suitable.

Be sure to follow the rolling coconuts and bean waves while you come up with your potions and bring them to the gun, they can make maneuvering on the map exclusively disappointing. We recommend using some flying potion, such as Flybux, to make a trip from place to place much easier!

As soon as the health of Evil KSI is brought to zero, the volcano will calm down, all the enemies will disappear, and you will receive the ingredient of the coconut!

To add this ingredient to your collection, just teleport back into the boiler and throw it inside. Once inside, click the button button in the Book of Potions to start cooking. After only a few seconds, bin-drone potion should appear.

After drinking this potion, you yourself will turn into a bean drone!

list of potions from coconut

The list below presents all the currently known coconut potions!

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