Bavaria interested in Kalajdzic: Does Mislintat take off?

With his goal for the meantime 1-0, Sasa Kalajdzic had a significant share in the Stuttgart rescue against 1. FC Köln. Was it his last goal in the VfB jersey?

According to significant share information, in addition to Newcastle United, Benfica Lisbon and even Paris St. Germain, FC Bayern also deals with the two-meter-tall and 24-year-old attacker, who could follow Robert Lewandowski willing to change in Munich.

At VfB, however, the record champions’ interest has not yet been deposited. “There was no call to Bayern,” said sports director Sven Mislintat on Sunday at “Sky”. “When he comes, I decide whether to take it or not.” The fact remains: “Sasa has another year and we also talk to him about an extension.”

on Saturday it looked at Kalajdzic after a farewell

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Kalajdzic had recently not accepted an offer from VfB. And after the 2-1 victory against Cologne on Saturday, it looked a bit after a farewell how the Austrian sat on the bench with tears in his eyes and empty view while the colleagues celebrated with the fans.

VfB could receive around 25 million euros for Kalajdzic – and this summer he will also need income. Mislintat: “At the moment it is not yet the case that we can act with a black zero on the transfer market. Since we started our way, we have taken around 25 million euros net a year. This always throws back a club.”