Bayer Leverkusen: Völler as a singer on the fence

Rudi Völler leaves the spotlight as a happy man. At his farewell, the Leverkusen club icon experienced a premiere.

When Rudi Völler somehow made it off the fence in the north curve, the Leverkusen crowd was primarily relieved.

DANKE, RUDI! Völlers emotionale Verabschiedung in Leverkusen
“The most important thing is that I didn’t hurt myself. At my age, you should be careful with such acrobatic actions,” joked the 62-year-old, who was celebrated frenetically by the fans when he said goodbye.

Before the 2: 1 (0-0) against SC Freiburg, an impressive choreo of the Bayer supporters with Völler’s best sayings first provided goosebumps. After the game, the outgoing Leverkusen Völlers managing director himself reached the microphone and gave the singer in the fan block with a breaking voice at “Uffta Tätärä” – even if he needed a few textual information.

“It was my first time on the fence,” Völler reported a little later, a few tears in his eyes had already dried. “Of course I didn’t know my text, but I had a little souffleur, he said everything in my ear.”

Völler hands over to Simon Rolfes in Leverkusen

Völler leaves the operational business for the new season and changes to the shareholders’ committee as a member. The world champion in 1990 and crowd favorite has been the face of the factory club since 1994 – with a longer interruption because of his DFB team boss.

And Völler goes as a happy man. The Leverkuseners had to do without the Champions League for three years. In the new season, the team of coach Gerardo Seoane can play for the 13th time at the European elite. Bayer had already made the qualification for the premier class perfect on the penultimate matchday.

Völler hands over a functioning club to his successor Simon Rolfes. The impulsive and always honest official did not lead to a title.

“Rudi is simply a legend of German football”

But Völler was not only pleased on Saturday in the sold -out BayArena before 30,210 spectators “the way we developed,” he said, “there used to be relatively few spectators. Such a mood as today, it couldn’t be better. “

In the noble Bayer casino in the vicinity of many old companions, the party break for Völler, who is planning more detour to his old homeland Rome and time on the golf course in the future. And the praise never ended. “Rudi is simply a legend of German football, and also from Bayer 04,” enthused Rolfes. Like Lothar Matthäus, he had joined a red “thank you Rudi” shirt.

The hero of the day took note of the words. The choreo with its best sayings (including “tell your toilet glass”) was “wonderful”.

But he didn’t want to believe the content of some sayings. “Some sayings weren’t at all,” joked Völler and added Schelmisch: “You know me: when the day is long, you also tell a lot of nonsense.”