As the first German: Rookie Wagner elected to the first team

In this selection, the five best newcomers of one season are summarized regardless of their position.
In the election of under 100 media professionals from all over the world, Wagner received 84 appeals for the first and 15 others for the second team of the next best.
The Forward, which had shined 15.2 points, was in fourth place among all youngsters.

NBA-Rookie Wagner ins
Not even Dirk Nowitzki had made it into the first or second team after his debut season in 1998/99.
In addition to Wagner, Cade Cunningham (Detroit), Jalen Green (Houston), Evan Mabley (Cleveland) and Scootie Barnes (Toronto) are the first team in 2021.

Wagner had been selected in eight at the time.
In contrast to the election to the all-star or rookie game in the middle of the season, the choice of first and second teams only has symbolic importance.
The selected actors will not play together.