A breakdown game Bug appeared in the Western Lost Ark

Last week, the western version of the MMORPG Lost Ark received a major update to Destined for Destruption, which brought a bunch of new content, including the Destroyer class and the first dungeon of the Legion with the commander of the Valtan. That’s just fully enjoying all the innovations of fans is prevented by one “breaking game” of the bug.

As Sagezu was noticed in the Lost ARK subredredite, this error appeared along with the release of the last update. It consists in the fact that at any moment items, such as a potion of health, can “stick” to the mouse course, and the player is no longer able to press anything.

Game Breaking Valtan Bug Ruined the Whole Raid by Not Being Able to Click !!! From Lostarkgame

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It can help solve this problem either by moving to another area or rebooting. Unfortunately, this bug appears during the battle with Valtan in the new dungeon, and because of it, players cannot help the allies in a difficult battle with the boss.

The development team has not made any ads for this mistake yet. Most likely, he is already known to him, and we hope that this bug will be eliminated in the near future.