Rainbow Six: Darkzero takes the crown in the region and takes the Charlotte Major championship

The tournament of Charlotte Major came to an end where only the best operators managed After several days of competition, only two American teams managed to move forward until the last instances of the event, the Astralis team faces Darkzero Esports to define who would take the glory.

Five maps that defined a champion

The first map left things very tense from the beginning managing The stage to the point that the American player achieved an ace that gave him the victory with a 8-7 and the first point in the series.

In the second map we saw a totally different reaction for the Darkzero team who proposed great strategies within these instances, managing to put several rounds in favor of the squad thanks to Roberto “Pambazou” Feliciano who would be the one who will judge the Rivals to get a 7-3 that tie the series and put the things new couples.

Arriving at the third map with a very accelerated pace after the previous one we could notice that Darkzero proposed more things that allowed him of Astralis to get an impact that would give 7-4 on the para and its second point in the series.

With the possible last game the team of the stars needed to react to the power that showed Darkzero, playing with a totally different style where David “Ionic” Ifidon managed to put the complicated situation for the dark team, achieving a game that you It would give a great opportunity to tie the series and send to a fifth map.

DarkZero Esports vs. Astralis // Six Charlotte Major - Grand Final - Day 6
All things couples within the series and looking for the victory, both teams would have to put all the stored strategies starting by waking Paul “Hyper” Kontopanagiotis to put the bullets in the right places that gave the advantage to the Darkzero team, with the Team of the stars against the strings little by little they lost their players in a round that would leave a 7-3 that would lift Darkzero as the current champions.

A Major who ends with a new monarch that will be preparing for Six World Cup 2022 that will be held in June where the best teams in the world where the maximum king will be chosen, now we will have to wait a few weeks to see To the operators in search of the maximum glory.