How to get Shimmer Record in Dislyte

Dislyte combines mythology, aesthetics of pop art and the murderous soundtrack to create a unique free gachi-game. In Dislyte, you get Esper through records. Since Gold Records are the most common, you may be interested in how to get Shimmer Record in Dislyte.

You will receive Shimmer Record after defeating Mission 12-8 Last mission in The last chapter of history . The reward for this will be a flickering record, so you should create a strong team to take up history and earn this rare record. Unfortunately, at present we do not know whether you can earn a few Shimmer Records for passing history at a higher level of complexity.

150 Gold Summons in [Dislyte]

What does Shimmer Record do in Dislyte?

SHIMMER Record is used to obtain ESPER, like Gold Records. However, the main difference is that Shimmer Record is guaranteed to pull Esper shimmer. It is more difficult to unlock these spontaneous escrias, so they are quite rare. This is because shimmer-experts are neutral to all elements, having neither strengths nor weaknesses.

The catch is that Shimmer Record does not guarantee you 4 stars or 5 stars Easper. You can use Shimmer Record and get a 3-star Shimmer Esper, such as Q. It makes a Shimmer Record script with a high risk and a high award. In addition, note that the flicker record is not considered an attraction of pity, so it is pointless to keep it for this.

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