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Is Better Call Saul better than Breaking Bad? This is how fans believe

Bob Odenkirk’s Oral History of Saul Goodman: From ‘Breaking Bad’ to ‘Better Call Saul’
For years, breaking bad has been considered one of the best series of all time, and for many it is number 1. However, it seems that things are changing. After the end of the first part of the sixth season of Better Call Saul _, Many fans say that the prequel starring Bob Odenkirk has surpassed the adventures of Walter White.

In social networks such as Twitter and Reddit, fans have begun to point out that the most recent episode of better call saul, plan and execution, has positioned itself as one of the best throughout the series. Not only this, but many say that this production has surpassed breaking bad in multiple senses, as in history, performances, direction and cinematography.

With six episodes yet to be broadcast, the last season of Better Call Saul has the potential to become one of the most iconic, and position himself next to breaking bad and the sopranos as one of the few series with an end that gives him honor to the great work that took place for years . We only hope that writers do not apply a game of thrones or dexter with the aim of bringing their characters just where they need to be at the end of this prequel.

If you wonder when it is that the last episodes of better call saul will be available, here we tell you. Similarly, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are expected to have a role in this final season.

Editor’s note:

Considering that the people who worked at breaking Bad are also involved in better Call Saul, it should not be a big surprise to hear that these people have improved their work, delivering a series that improves many of the aspects we saw in the past. This will surely be an end to remember.