Champions Organization: Liverpool tale Dalglish stored wreath for Heysel

Emotional moment before the kick-off of the Champions League final: to memorialize the victims of the stadium disaster of Heysel, the Liverpool club icon Kenny Dalglish has transferred a wreath in the Paris stadium.
The 71-year-old Scotsman placed the wreath under the praise of the viewers on the club coat of arms of the Reds connected behind a goal.
On May 29, 1985, 39 individuals passed away on May 29, 1985, the national champions in between Liverpool as well as Juventus Turin died on May 29, 1985.

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Liverpool meets Actual Madrid in this year’s final on Saturday night.
Dalglish, who was a player for 13 years and also two times as a trainer at Liverpool, belonged to the Reds team 37 years back.