Mainz board member Lehmann: The Bundesliga needs to determine

The Bundesliga has to determine: do we desire to be primarily a top league with international success? Or is it concerning inspiring the neighborhood individuals on website with a wonderful stadium experience and also an interesting competitors? Or exists a practical concession? Says Lehmann In the interview of the twist. The adjustment at the DFL leadership, where Donata Hopfen was changed by Managing Director Christian Seifert at the beginning of the year, is an excellent possibility.


Lehmann: A financier has to fit the league from the canon of values

_ Das complete interview, in which Jan Lehmann discusses the possibilities for Mainz 05, the strategy of the club in connection with the follower bond and also the positioning of the Bundesliga, reviewed in the current print edition of the Twist hier as an emagazine from Wednesday night.

No matter the future alignment, the DFL needs lasting economic development according to Lehmann’s view. From the perspective of the industrial board of the Rheinhessen, it can make feeling to get an investor on board. He might also help us get 50 +1. Nonetheless, a financier must fit the league from the canon of worths, highlights Lehmann.

Corona pandemic created less revenue of at least 25 million euros in Mainz, as well as regarding half was collected by cost savings. Due to the high devaluation on gamer plant properties, the 05s initially calculated with a loss of 19 million euros.