What is Skate Story – release date, platform and much more

As part of the Summer Game Fest, the publisher presented a number of new games, including Skate Story, a new stylish game about skateboarding. The aesthetics of Dark-Weiva with a memorable soundtrack, Skate Story looks incredibly interesting. Here are all the details about Skate Story


everything we know about Skate Story

Perhaps the most concisely described by the Devolver themselves in Skate Story, you are a demon made of glass and pain. When driving around the underground world, perform tricks so as not to fall and do not break on the glass. Created by Sam Eng, a team of developers from one person, and with music from Blood Cultures, this indie game is based on a beautiful aesthetics and an incredible atmosphere.

What is the Skate Story game?

Skate Story looks like a game of skateboard in the spirit of classical games Tony Hawk: Pro Skater, but with style and abstract graphics, brought to 11. However, the stages seem more linear than in most skate games, which allows us to assume that it can be more likely Adventure game than it seems at first glance.

What is the release date of Skate Story?

Skate Story does not yet have a specific release date. Instead, it is planned to be released somewhere in 2023. However, you can already add the game to the desire list on Steam.

What platforms will Skate Story be on?

Currently, Skate Story is planned to be released only on a PC via Steam. However, if she shares the success of a similar Skatebird Indo-Skate game, we can see how this stylish game will switch to consoles and other platforms.

Trailer Skate History

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