League of Legends

The familiar Umehara is! The screen end! ? The case ge fan is very excited

4th Topanga Championship DAY6 of the A-League, Umehara and Pagura crashed in the A-League DAY6. It seems that the legendary radio wave comments ** popped out in the official distribution as early as possible. In the age of this presentation!

After about 19 years, radio wave live revived!

Looking back again, it was in 2003 that the radio wave was born. In the GUILTY GEAR XX section of Fighting Theater, which was once the highest peak of domestic game tournaments, oil is high when Umehara decides a dramatic reversal. We had a tension live commentary.

From there, a famous net memory was born. Umehara is! Capture! Umehara! The edge of the screen! Read the burst! ! .

Looking at it again, not only the momentum, but also the development of the game accurately. Later, this live commentary spread as a radio wave live in the good old Nico Nico Douga , and many sound MAD were created.

About 19 years later, the new development is on the Internetmome. In the long-term league match Topanga Championship, which is said to be the highest peak in Japan, a hot live commentary came out of the mouth of Nanan who served as MC and commentary Hameko .

Dramatic match development and live commentary

In that match, Umehara and Pugura collide with the popular fighting game Street Fighter V Champion Edition . In response to Umehara’s Guyle, Pagura challenged with a Poison with long reaches.

In response to Poison, who is overwhelmed by the reach of normal skills, Umehara’s Guile wants to take the initiative in ground battles with flying tools such as Sonic Boom . However, Poison had a bulleting technique called Love Meetender , and the development continued in a strict development, combined with the speed of the reaction speed of Pagura.


Umehara has been given two games in three games, and has gone away. However, in the style that appears in front of the attack with V reversal , the initiative is forcibly forced to take over and bring it to even.

Both played two games and the final round of the fifth game lined up. The first player, Pugela, hunts down to the edge of the screen with a one-combo, but Umehara calmly deals. After that, I hunt down Pagura to the edge of the screen and decide on a match with a onslaught.

During the intense tip, MC’s Nanami screams, Umehara is! . In this case, Mr. Hameko in the commentary returns screen edge , reproducing the live broadcast of the radio wave. Combined with the excessive game development, the SNS was exciting on the SNS, such as W that the name live phrase has revived in the peace, Legend of the Legend of the Legend, and Legendary Live Reproduction Grounds.

Radio waves that do not fade even in the age of the peace. And even after 19 years, Umehara, who shows a dramatic reversal at the forefront, is exactly legend that continues to evolve .