Craftton, Battleground National Competition PNC 2022

[ICON SIAM Park Ye-jin reporter] Battleground National Competition ‘Pubg Nation Cup 2022′ opened on the 16th.

The PNC 2022, which is held in the True icon Hall in ICON SIAM MALL in Bangkok, Thailand for four days from 16th to 19th, is the world’s strongest position with 16 countries participating in four regions. He has a fierce competition.


The teams of each country consist of four athletes and one coach, and a total of 80 athletes will participate in PNC 2022. In the Asian region, Korea, China, Japan, and Chinese Taipei will participate. The Korean national team was selected as the national squad of Guangdong Prix’s Rash Kay Kim Dong-joon, ‘Seoul’ of ‘Seoul Sports’, ‘Seoul’, ‘Innonix’ Na Hee-ju, and ‘Loki’ Park Jung-young of ‘Damwon Kia’. Dana and E-Sports Sinmyeong Kwan were coaching the Korean national team.

A total of 20 matches are held for four days in Eran Gel and Mirama for four days, and the point rule, which is determined by the sum of kill points and ranking points, is applied. The winning team will be the most cumulative point of 20 matches.

All matches of the PNC 2022 can be viewed through the Battleground Isports official YouTube, Twitch, African TV, Naver TV, and Tic Talk channels from 8 pm (Korea time).

There is also an online event to celebrate PNC 2022. In the field, the company sells PNC 2022 commemorative T-shirts and goods for spectators visiting the Battleground E-Sports Competition in three years, and offers mini games and game device experience booths.

The Pickdem Challenge, which predicts the winning team, is also in progress. The winner’s prediction vote for the challenge is available until 6 pm on the 17th, before the start of the second day, and a total of 100,000 EP can be obtained if the winning team accurately predicts.