Treasure: For the 30th anniversary

Treasure was established in 1992 by former programmers of the Japanese publisher Konami, that sought the objective of taking the distance in between normal follows up and rather dedicating themselves to unusual game ideas. On June 19, 2022, those in charge of Treasure celebrated the 30th anniversary of the studio. As revealed, Treasure will offer a brand-new title in the training course of the year and hence to match the round wedding anniversary.

Treasure did not explain regarding the new news, however pointed out that we are managing a title below that the fans have repeatedly asked for in the past.

Among the best-known designers of timeless Shoot ’em UPS is the Japanese indie studio Treasure, that made a name for itself amongst style fans with works such as Ikaruga or Radiant Silvergun.

Ikaruga 2? Or a new glowing Silvergun?

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In Japan, Treasure has been elected among the most effective designer studios of 2D titles in the past years.


We will learn specifically what treasure refers right here in the course of the year. Among one of the most popular titles in the Japanese indie studio is the cult title Ikaruga, which was originally published in Japan in 2001 in the Gallery video game halls. This was followed by execution for various other systems such as the Dreamcast, the GameCube or the Xbox 360.

Considering that the followers have consistently been dedicated to a possible successor recently, it would certainly be conceivable that Treasure will certainly indeed refer to a possible Ikaruga 2. The various other titles of the studios specializing in classic Shoot ’em UPS include classics such as Gradius V (Playstation 2), Alien Soldier (Huge Drive), Gunstar Heroes (Huge Drive) or Radiant Silvergun (Saturn, Game).