Treasure: Studio teasert a brand-new video game for the 30th birthday

Despite exactly how you choose-it’s a great option. Since the listing of solid to excellent video games from treasure is ellenlang. Considering that the Gaist Crusher titles for 3DS layer in the shaft at the standard business, which had actually practically split off from Konami in 1992. Until now. Since on the 30th business birthday there was a jubilee tweet from the studio yesterday, about an inception: According to his very own declaration, Treasure strives on a new title as well as is expecting having this video game anticipated by lots of len.

The Japanese cult company Treasure could celebrate a comeback after a long dry spell-for the 30th birthday of the studio there is an indicator of life and likewise a beginning of the creators of ikaruga.

What is your favorite game of the activity heroes of Treasure? Viellicht but also the unknown Dynamite Headdy or Alien Soldier? I can additionally be wrong as well as penalize (whether part 1 or 2), the wonderful glowing silvergun, treasure PS2 work of art Gradius 5 or that never ever approve aging as a solution.