Uefa employer Aleksander Ceferin criticizes Pep Guardiola as well as Jürgen Klopp: Manufacturing facility employees should complain, not them!

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Instead, Ceferin sees the troubles in the nationwide associations, where there is usually the organization cup in enhancement to the cup and the league. Everybody wants more cup video games, yet no one provides up anything. The nationwide leagues should have 18 clubs, yet the presidents do not agree.


Like many others, Klopp and also Guardiola constantly grumble concerning the too numerous games in European football. UEFA Head Of State Alexander Ceferin does not like the declarations of the trainers of FC Liverpool and several of the city whatsoever.

Instead, he is looking onward to the Champions Organization reform from 2024: Today, after the draw, you can predict who will certainly play in the round of 16. In the future, the huge clubs will satisfy much more often, the smaller clubs will certainly have more possibilities to qualify, and also it will certainly be battled until the end. It will be amazing.

In an interview with thegazzetta dello Sport _, Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin attacked the coaches Jürgen Klopp from FC Liverpool and Pep Guardiola from Manchester City for their objection of the several video games.

It is constantly easy to attack FIFA as well as the UEFA, however things is extremely simple. You get less money if you play much less. If you need to whine, you will get the manufacturing facility workers that obtain 1,000 euros a month.

Instead, Ceferin sees the issues in the national associations, where there is frequently the league mug in addition to the organization as well as the mug. Everyone desires even more mug video games, but no one provides up anything.

The Slovenian likewise located important words for the Super League: The project is dead due to the fact that no one wishes to participate. I only see three people who are irritated concerning everyone else and file a claim against every person else, now it mores than.