Game version love and war planned by incumbent lawyers, released on August 18

On August 18, the adventure divorce game ‘My Divorce Story’, organized by the current lawyer, will be officially released based on the actual divorce trial and counseling.

‘My Divorce Story’ is a game that aims to be a ‘successful divorce’ that begins with a spouse’s cheating. The player sets his gender and his spouse’s name, and experiences the change of emotions at the point of view of the victim.

The game will be collected through various mini games to collect the evidence of affairs within six months after learning the spouse’s affair and to win the lawsuit. In addition, you will be prepared in addition to the evidence, such as finding items containing the memories of the couple, and preparing a statement.


Nonil Studio, a developer who developed the game, is a domestic indie game developer with three people including planners, developers and designers. The planner wanted to make the trial process of the first divorce case into a game, but it was difficult to find the original fun in the trial process in which a sluggish document fight is a main trial. So it is said that the game is added to the game, which is a fun element that can be fun.

‘My Divorce Story’ will be released on August 18 with Steam and Nintendo Switch.