Digimon Survive Cruel Scenes are small but nasty development

In 1954, the novel ‘Paris Great King’ deals with what happens in an uninhabited island where only children survived in an airplane accident. A much more desperate and dark development is unfolded than the 15 boy drifter, a similar drifting material literature, and the children have been shocked by the literary world by expressing the evil inside of humans.

Digimon Survive, a new Digimon series, will be released on July 28, and the main character who participated in the camp is sent to this world where the wicked creatures wander around. In terms of survival drifts, it is likened to the literary works above, and the lower Kazu Masa producer, who is in charge of game development, is said to be more than the 15th Boy Drifter. What kind of development is unfolding and compared to the king of Paris? Game Mecca interviewed Digimon Surviva Kaz Masa producer.


The release of the release has been quite a while, why is there a reason?

lower Kazu Masa: The team that was originally in charge of development was developed for two years, but the development was inherited because the development did not progress, and the new team continued to develop. At this time, most of the data that was inherited is not available, so the development period that was expected to be rebuilt from the beginning increased to four years.

The rumors that you can hear that the development data flew in the middle. I wonder if it’s true.

lower Kazu Masa: This is not true.

Dialogue-Search-What is the weight of the battle? In addition, how much is in-game animation?

Lower Kazu Masa: Text adventure takes up 7 of the total volume and 3 strategic battles. This is a game based on text adventure. Animation only appears in the OP.

Can I assume that I was likened to the ‘Paris Great King’ through Twitter, but it can guess that the dark development and ending continued?

lower Kazu Masa: Digimon Adventure is based on the concept of ’15 boy drifter ‘. The Paris Great King is often compared to the 15th boy drifter, which is relatively similar, but the confrontation and ego among those who do not understand each other are more prominent and have bad results.

This work begins with a drilling motion similar to the Digimon Adventure, and the protagonists of Digimon Adventure were ‘chosen children’ as heroes, but the children of this work were an ordinary general who was caught up in the case and was fateful. So, who accepts monsters, who rejects. In addition, the Great King of Paris is an example in that there is a bad result for those who overcome their concerns and grows and are crushed by troubles.

** I have warned me about cruel scenes, directing, and story progression.

Lower Kazu Masa: Visual, there is not much cruel expression. However, if you expect a bright and positive Digimon, such as a rugged development between your colleagues or rejecting a partner monster in the development of the drama, you can’t recommend this work.

There are some criticisms in the current battle scene graphics, what do you think about this?

lower Kazu Masa: I think there will be a variety of tastes. If you look at the play video or PV of this work, and this work is suitable for your taste, I hope you will play.

Is there elements (food, thirst, defense, etc.) necessary for survival other than vicious creatures?

Lower Kazu Masa: This is a text adventure game. There is no element of survival simulation. However, they may be attacked or ridiculous during the drama.

There is a conflict between characters, but is there an extreme development?

Lower Kazu Masa: It is also hostile during the story.

Is this game multi-end?

Lower Kazu Masa: There are 12 scenarios, and after chapter 8, we will branch in three routes: ‘District’, ‘Harmony’, and ‘Passion’ according to the choice so far. If you look at any ending of ‘Taoism’, ‘Harmony’, and ‘Passion’, the hidden route is open.

Finally, please say a word to Korean fans waiting for the release.

lower Kazu Masa: Digimon has long lasted. The game can be played directly, and we want to describe the worldview and story into various ideas to draw Digimon’s new charm. This is a particularly different work. I think it would be happy to have fun with Korean fans who have been supporting Digimon games for a long time.