How to get an ingredient of horseshoes in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Hold the horses, we will show you where to get the ingredient for horseshoe in Wacky Wizards right now! Follow the short leadership below to find out how to unlock this ingredient and all amazing potions that can be prepared with its help. Or, if you are looking for more potions, read our full list of Wacky Wizards potions!

how to unlock the subcredient of the horseshoes

As soon as you appear at Wacky Wizards, head to the large red barn, which is located under the heavenly gates and to the left of the public basin.

To find an ingredient for horseshoe, enter this barn and configure the camera so that it looks behind you. Having done this, you should see the horseshoe hanging above the front door of the barn. Jump and click on this ingredient to take it.

To add the horseshoe to your collection, just teleport back into the boiler, throw the ingredient inward and click the button button to start brewing. After only a few seconds, unicorn friend the potion should appear.

list of potions horseshoes


The list below presents all the at the moment of the potions of Horse Shoe!

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