Netmarble, IP Shangri -La Frontier -based game production and animation production committee participation

-Comics IP on the weekly boy magazine based on Japanese web novel

-It is scheduled to air in Japan next year… The game is in charge of development at Netmarblexus

-I will create a new global boxing title based on Shangri-La Frontier IP

Netmarble announced today that it will participate in the animation production committee of the Japanese publisher Kodansha’s cartoon IP ‘Shangri-La Frontier’, and start the game development based on the IP.

‘Shangri-La Frontier’ is a comic of Katarina and Fuji Ryosuke, and it contains the adventure story that the high school student hero, who played only the game, played the ‘Shangri-La Frontier’, which is regarded as the best game.

The original work, which is based on a web novel that has exceeded 500 million views in Japan, has been publishing comics in Kodansha’s Weekly Boy Magazine based on a lot of response.

The Shangri-La Frontier animation, which Netmarble participates as a production committee, will be aired in Japan in 2023, in charge of producing Japanese studio C2C and director Kubo Oka Toshiyuki. The IP-based game is responsible for developing at the Netmarble Nexus in the Seven Knights series with the goal of global service. Details of the game will be released later.

Netmarble Han Ji-hoon, head of the business group, said, Xiangri-La Frontier, which has recently attracted much attention in Japan, is a very high growth potential, so I want to use it on Netmarble to create a new global box office title. I’m going to do it, so I ask for your interest in the Shangri-La Frontier animation and the game.