After the DFB Mug last: Penalties for Leipzig and also Freiburg

On Monday, the DFB sports court fined both finalists for unsportsmanlike actions by their supporters.

Cup victor Leipzig has to increase 24,000 euros because, according to the organization, followers in the Berlin Olympic Stadium had actually fired up a minimum of 18 Bengal fires, two smoke bombs, a rocket and a blinker.

Leipzig is aiming for a nationwide stadium ban for criminals


RB Leipzig has actually invited a total of 17 individuals who are suspected of being directly or indirectly associated with the criminal activity to talks, consisting of the follower job and also follower support, created the Leipzig group on Monday. Individuals that ignited the pyrotechnics have actually currently been identified by the RB Leipzig safety department on the basis of pictures.

As the Bundesliga club introduced, two individuals were wounded, which is why the Berlin police are likewise investigating dangerous physical damage. In enhancement to the transfer of the fine, one pursues a nationwide stadium ban for the wrongdoers.

Freiburg were fined 67,000 euros for burning a minimum of 67 Bengal fires.

Both clubs can reinvest component of their fine: RB as much as 8,000 euros for security or physical violence prevention, SC up to 22,300 euros for safety and security or infrastructural steps.