BIC Organizing Committee, BIC Festival 2022 Ticket Naver Shopping Live first released

-BIC Organizing Committee, Naver Shopping Live BIC Festival 2022 offline ticket pre-sale

-From August 5th, BIC official website and Naver booking page will be sold online and off-line Early Bird Tickets

The Busan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee (BIC Organizing Committee) will be the first game event to be the first game event from 7 pm on the 4th, and will be offline tickets for Busan Indian Neck Festival (BIC Festival 2022) through Naver Shopping Live for the first time. It was revealed.

The BIC Festival 2022 is a representative global indie game event that celebrated its eighth year this year, and has established itself as the largest indie game in Korea. In particular, this year, two years after Corona, the general visitors will be able to participate, so there will be more expanded exhibitions and various events.

Tickets available on this day are the tickets for the Festival Day, which will be held at the BIC Festival 2022 during the Busan Port International Exhibition Convention Center from September 1st to 4th.

The ticket can be purchased at a 50% discount on the list price during the Naver Shopping Live broadcast, and the buyer can enjoy two-day offline exhibitions and additional events.


The BIC Festival 2022 is the first game event to be purchased through Naver Shopping Live, so it will also hold various product presentations such as hotel accommodation and drink exchange tickets. In addition, the appearance of a special MC with a deep relationship with BIC is expected to attract expectations.

From the 5th, on the 5th, on the BIC official website and Naver reservation page will be on sale online and off-line early bird tickets. Business Day admission tickets from September 1 to 2 and online festival passes will be extended from September 30th to be purchased through BIC official website.

In particular, business ticket buyers can also see the offline festival day. Tickets for offline festival Day can be purchased through the Naver Reservation page.

Seo Tae-gun, Chairman of the BIC Organizing Committee, said, BIC Festival 2022, where you can meet and communicate with developers offline, will start making tickets for festivals through the minimum live commerce. I hope that it will be an opportunity to expand the domestic and international indie game culture to the indie game’s unique charm to more people.