1. FC Köln in the Conference League

Football Bundesliga club 1. FC Köln fulfills FC Ferervar in the playoffs for the Conference League.
In the 3rd credentials round, the Hungarians, who educated the German Michael Boris, plainly won the very first leg versus FC Petrocub-Henti from Moldau 5-0 (3-0).

The group from Szekesfehrar’s objective scorers included the ex-Herthaner Pálko Dárdai, child of Pál Dárdai, and also the ex-Mainz Kenan Kodro.
The 2nd leg will certainly occur on August 11th, the winner of the battle fulfills the Perfume.
The playoffs will be held on August 18 as well as 25.
The Fragrance group last competed in the European Cup Damals in the Europa League-an in the 2017/18 season.

The group stage starts for the Bundesliga club on September 8th if the Effzeh endures the playoffs.