The game Moderashi Sumo developed by the game live group Bakumatsu Shishi team is now available on Steam. Remove the opponents turn and aim for Yokozuna

Developer Bakumatsu Games released the match game Moderodashi Sumo on August 5 at Steam. The price is 500 yen.

Bakumatsu Games is a developer consisting of the game live group Shushi Shishi and its staff. Shushi Bakumatsu is a live game group of Ryoma Sakamoto and Shintaro Nakaoka, and distributes videos on YouTube, Nico Nico Douga and Twitch. YouTube is a popular group with 425,000 subscribers. They released a special sumo game.

Morodashi Sumo is a sumo game set on the earth that exists in the multi-universe. Removing the opponent’s turn and taking the local area is a rule in this world. The player participates in the Morodashi Sumo Battle Tournament as a wrestler of sumo wrestling. This is a story that challenges Yokozuna Sumo King while making full use of techniques such as grab, plunge and fly unique to sumo wrestling.


The initiative is a three-round pre-precedence. In this work, a mosaic that emits white light in the crotch is applied to the crotch as soon as the paddy is off. The Steam store page states that the nude part shines and cannot be actually seen. A wrestler whose turn is off may be skipped to the audience, so keep an eye on it after the settlement. In addition, after the match, there is a specification that the two wrestlers dance together with the disco with the turnover removed, so you can experience sumo wrestling unique to the multi-universe.

In the creation of avatar, you can set the appearance of the wrestlers you operate in detail. There are quite a few options such as four-legged name, body type, hairstyle, face, facial expression, color, and accessories. As for the details of the face, 24 items can be adjusted in detail, and you can also create avatars that look exactly like you. Accessories can be released randomly and used using the prize money acquired by sumo wrestling.

In addition, this work is a local 2P match between friends and online 2P matches with players around the world. In the match, you can also participate in the edit character that you created in addition to eight default characters. Why not try to fight unique wrestlers?

On the release date, the two Shushi Bakumatsu are distributing live commentary on Moderashi Sumo on their YouTube channel. You can check the struggle to ban sales on Steam with sensitive expressions, and also check the members who play the game happily while fearing the BAN on the YouTube channel. If you are worried about the details of the game, please check it out.

Morodashi Sumo is being distributed on Steam (store page).