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Studio Kingdom, Pearl Abyss, NC, 18 BIC Festivals sponsored

Busan City, Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, and Busan Indian Neck Festival Organizing Committee (BIC Organizing Committee) announced the official sponsor of the Busan Indie Connect Festival 2022 (BIC Festival 2022) in September.

Studio Kingdom, Nicalis, Pearl Abyss, YAHAHA, Epic Games, Mega John Cloud, Xbox, Exola, Smilegate Indie, One Store, Unity Technology, Divolvudi Data It is the largest ever, with a total of 18 locations, including the Tower and the Game Water Management Committee.

First of all, Platinum Sponsors are Pearl Bis, which is developing red deserts and ghosts, following the Dev Sisters Development subsidiary, Die Game Development and Publisher Nicalis, and the Black Desert.

The gold sponsors are then three, including the Epic Games, which serves the Finnish Meta Bus Gaming Platform Yahaha, Unreal Engine, and Epic Games Store, and Mega John Cloud, a cloud management company (MSP).

Silver Sponsor, along with XBOX, Unity, and NCsoft, provides payment solution company Exola, Indie Game Platform Smilegate Stove Indie, domestic App Market One Store There are nine locations to the back of the server platform company.

Lastly, the bronze sponsor is NAVER Z, a mobile market analyst, and the Game Water Management Committee.

This year’s BIC Festival will be held on September 1 on the Busan Port International Convention Center (BPEX) and BIC official website. This year, overseas developers also participate in the face-to-face exhibition and communicate with visitors.

Seo Tae-gun, chairman of the BIC Organizing Committee, said, We are thankful for participating in the support of indie game developers at the BIC Festival 2022, which will be gathered in Korea and abroad for the first time since Corona. As you can send, we will make sure that this event can be a global game festival that can spread the indie game culture around the world.

Chung Moon-seop, Director of the Busan Information Industry Agency, said, We realize that the domestic and foreign indie game market is attracting attention and interest in the domestic and foreign indie game market. I hope you have good results for indie game developers.