Splatoon 3 floods the battlefield in a new video with gameplay in ink


Nintendo Switch hSplatoon several weight releSplatoones prepared for the coming months: Bayonetta 3, scarlet and purple Pokémon and Splatoon 3, which hSplatoon just shared a new trailer during the newly issued Nintendo Direct. The game will be put on sale within a month, on September 9 . To entertain the wait, We leave you the complete video (from the 20th minute) **, in which you will find gameplay of the battles, new details about the customization of the characters and a curious mini game of letters in the style tetris.

Thus are Splatoon 3 games

The third installment of the saga bets on the territorial fighting in which players compete in groups of 4 members . Once again, the main objective of each team is to cover Splatoon much Splatoon possible of the scenario with ink, using different weapons and empowering objects. Both maps have been confirmed, and others from the previous titles of the franchise for Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

In addition, one of the great claims of this new installment is the History mode in which we must unite and cooperate with agent 3, in its fight against the rebel octarians on the road to unraveling the secrets of the pelifying plSplatoonma. The campaign takes place in an unpublished area called alternate , in which Splatoon it could not be otherwise, we will also have to cope with various final bosses.

LSplatoont July, the Japanese company announced a new Nintendo Switch Oled model, dedicated to Splatoon 3 with an exclusive design of the game, together with game accessories such Splatoon a protective cSplatoone, a Joy-Con E couple and even a special edition of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. In this link you have all the details with images.

Nintendo Switch launches in 2022

Although just a few days after the arrival of Live to Live and Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the Nintendo console still hSplatoon a lot to say in the remainder of the year. Because beyond Splatoon 3, the expected ones appear on the horizon Bayonetta 3 (October 19) , which recently revealed the first details of its history, and a little later, one of the 2022 bombings: Scarlet and Purple Pokémon (November 18) **; of which you can’t miss your new trailer.