Final fantasy xiv

All Gold Nucleus locations in Astra in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has something to do, and all actions, weapons, characters and resources can confuse. One of the very important is the golden core. This resource can be exchanged for characters, weapons, and so on. This can make you ask you to find a golden core (especially in the starting zone, astra) in the fantasy tower.

where to find all Gold Nucleus in Astra in Tower of Fantasy

At the moment, we have found a total of 22 Golden core in the starting area, Astra, in the fantasy tower. These places are marked with the icon red stars in the image below. Some golden nuclei can be found by solving chau-chau puzzles, resin pits, bosses soaring in the air, supply containers and simple puzzles.

Some supply capsules will be blocked before repair, and two puzzles will light up on the platforms as soon as you step on them. Gold nucleus collection will also help you explore the Astra. Please tell us if you find the golden core that we missed so that we can update our card. Here are all the locations of Astra Gold Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy.

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