Released My Divorce Story switch planned by a divorce lawyer

CFK announced on the 18th that it has released a global release of divorce adventure game ‘My Divorce Story’ at Nintendo E Shop. The release date of the PC (Steam, Stove) version was delayed in September.

‘My Divorce Story’ is an adventure game planned by an incumbent lawyer based on the actual divorce trial and counseling. In a game that collapses between the couple, the player must be one of the couple’s characters and collect the evidence of affairs within six months after knowing the opponent’s affair.

Evidence of affairs can be found all over the house and outside the house, and the evidence acquired can be delivered to the lawyer and consulted with the divorce lawsuit. You can also collect evidence through various mini games, such as loosening your computer password in a short time, or hazy and quietly checking your cell phone while your spouse is sleeping.

The game adopts the evidence acquired during the play, the affection of the spouse, and the multi-ending system, which depends on the ending. CFK explained, Happy endings, unfortunate endings, and surprising endings are waiting for the player.

‘My Divorce Story’ will be sold for 7,200 won, which is a 10% discount by August 31st (Wednesday) to commemorate the official release.