There are clues related to the sequel to good hamburger

One of the classics that are highly remembered by Nickelodeon’s fans is the film the good hamburger , in which two legendary actors of the brand called Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell participate. And now, after 25 years, one of the actors reveals that he could be working on an official sequel to the 1997 tape.

During an appearance in The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Kenan Thompson spoke of a continuation of the cult comedy that presented the co-star of Kenan & Kel as fast food workers. Same that are in a big problem, something that goes beyond selling potatoes and hamburgers.

Here your comments:

I would like . We are working harder than ever on that, so it is about complying with the numbers, let the numbers coincide. Because I need them.

It is worth mentioning that the actor previously gave a track on his Instagram about his possible return:

I love this movie and to all who worked on it! I am so proud to be part of something that so many generations of people have come to love too!

What happens to that part 2?!

In addition, Thompson mentioned Fallon that there are already some people gathered to talk about this sequel, a project that would have the authorization of Nickelodeon , but that it is still in the inkwell. Here the comment:

We are still trying to develop it, we are trying to assemble it. We want it to be as fun for everyone as it was the first time, and then also attend to both a new generation and the old generation. It has simply been a kind of task, make sure we do it well. But he is still in conversations.