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Cart Rider Drift can be enjoyed by anyone and anyone! Advanced play experience with a gap between cute characters and full -scale racing

Nexon started pre-registration of Cartiders Drift on August 18. In line with this timing, the presentation of this work was held in Tokyo.

This Cart Rider Drift is the latest work of the Cart Rider IP, and the Crazy Racing Cart Rider, which is the starting point of the series, is a popular title that has won 38 billion users worldwide. Official tournaments were often held, and once it was developed for Japan.

The recital that reveals the new development of this popular IP, Kart Rider Drift, provided a place for a trial play experience ahead of the official service. We will deliver a lot of information revealed at the presentation and the feeling of play directly experienced.

■ Characteristics and attitude toward billing of Cartiders Drift found at the recital

At the recital, the development director and the marketing director were replaced by the director. From each standpoint, the characteristic elements of this work and future developments were talked. Here are the elements that are particularly large points in the explanation, and introduce them by each item.

● Ease of access & basic free, anyone can easily play

The format of this work is free of charge. In other words, there is no cost for game software. The compatible platform is PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC (Steam)/iOS/Android.

Cartiders drift is a creative environment where anyone can easily enjoy it because there are quite a lot of devices that can access this work without initial costs. This work gives you a powerful game experience using Unreal Engine4, so if you keep a stationary machine or a PC, you will be able to enjoy the real pleasure.

Also, if you want to play easily without choosing a place, it is best to play on a smart device. Players can select the Cartiders Drift play style according to their environment and preference.

● Rivals are players around the world. Online races that can fight anyone

This work is compatible with cross platform, and there is no hard wall in multiplayer. Players with different devices can compete in the same race. In addition, since there is no separation between countries, you can enjoy Cart Rider Drift with players around the world.

At the time of multiplayer, you can play simultaneously by up to eight players. In addition to competitions, team battles are also available, so players around the world are rivals, but sometimes they become friends.

In addition to cross-platforms, it also supports cross-save, so you can play style such as playing on a smartphone when you go home, and playing on a home game console or PC when you go home.

Speed battle where drifting is the key, and item battle that can be reversed by item luck

There are two modes to play in multiplayer: a speed battle where drifting is the key to the game, and a item battle that allows one-shot reversal. In Speed Battle, if you use drift activated by button operation (smartphone operation), dedicated gauge will easily accumulate, and if this gauge is full, boost can be activated.

If you use a boost, you can accelerate at once, so how to use the boost effectively in drift and use boost is the key to winning the victory in the speed battle. Drift itself can be used in item battles, but it is the real pleasure of speed battle that can be boosted by collecting the gauge.

Item battle is a race where you can use various items from the boxes installed on the course and master them. There are defensive and accelerators, such as missile that blows away the target, barricade that blocks the way to go, angels protecting all team members from attacks, and magnets that stick to the target. 。

By the way, in the item battle, the gauge is irresistible in the drift, but the boost itself can be obtained as an item, and it can accelerate by consuming it.

● Solo play is also possible from practice to time attack

Cart Rider Drift is an online racing game, but there are also solo play modes such as license and time attack.

License is a mode where you can learn how to use items and drift techniques. Time Attack is also a place to try to repaint the records you have issued, or practice the course.

Wear the basic operation with License and practice with Time Attack. You can try the record as it is, or to show your polished techniques in multiplayer.

● Prepare a variety of contents such as customization that produce your own personality

In addition to racing game play, there is customization as an element that can be enjoyed in this work. This is a mode that colors the cart you operate, and you can choose the combination of parts, coloring, stickers, etc.

If you dye the cart acquired through the game play to your favorite color, change parts such as license plates and wheels, and make your own stickers, you will have only one cart in the world.

Paint not only changes the color, but also wraps the pattern ants in the item Legend. Even with this one alone, the impression of the appearance changes drastically.

The sticker can be created in addition to the prepared design. At the recital, stickers that combined multiple shapes were shown. In addition, the sticker can freely change the place, size, angle, etc. to be stretched, so it seems to be a point where the personality shines here.

In addition, content such as a challenge that challenges various missions, racing pass, which ranks items by raising games and challenges to acquire items, is available.

● It is only for the skill that determines the winning or losing ─ billing system that is not Pay to Win

Even if you say basic free play, these games have a billing element. The style varies from game to game, so many people are worried about what kind of billing form. Especially in games with many interpersonal battles, there are cases in which advantageous disadvantages may occur depending on the content of billing.

In a video message by Development Director Cho Jaeun, he mentioned the billing system for this work. Mr. Cho commented, We are not aiming for Pay to Win’s game.

Pay to Win is the phrase that people who spend money win, and in basic free games, it has the meaning of players who have reached out on billing content. However, this Cart Rider Drift seems to aim for a system that does not depend on Pay to Win.

In addition, Mr. Cho says that it is important to have a competition partner because the fun of racing games is in competition, and set an important goal of creating an environment where you can play under the same conditions. I revealed that there was.

In the game that tilts to Pay to Win, the players who want to win are actively using cash, but the balance that the victory is tilted with the amount they have invested can easily leave.

In order to recognize competition as fun and bring out the pleasure, there must be a large total population. In order to build such a game environment, Kart Rider Drift seems to aim for a charging system that is not Pay to Win.

Mr. Cho also stated that the competition in the race was only players’ efforts, and only 0.1 seconds judgment and control, and the player’s skills and experiences will determine the victory or loss of Cartiders Drift. This statement seems to be a backing of the direction that aims for a different path from Pay to Win.

After asking the stakeholders again after the recital, we received some reply. First of all, the carts that appear during the work can be obtained for free by making the game progress. And there is something like a premium course in the racing path, which is the billing element (or one) of this work.

In the premium course, the benefits of the number of missions that can be received and the number of carts that can be obtained will increase. It may be close to how the volume in the content that can be enjoyed for free increases.

Then, The performance is different for each cart, isn’t it a billing factor? When I asked a question, I answered that by using the points that the rank rose, the performance of the cart can be customized. But. This point is arbitrarily sorted, but there is no difference in the total points that can be obtained, for example, there is no point in the same rank player.

Cartiders Drift emphasized the competition, which requires the expansion of players, and has a policy that his skills will affect the victory or loss. Basic free and access means expanding the frontage, and online play of cross-platforms makes players from around the world become rivals, have the potential to be one of the works that aim for anyone and any1. I am.

■ The appearance is cute, the contents are gachirace

At the end of the announcement on the stage, a trial play experience on the prepared smartphones, PCs, and PS4 was provided. As mentioned above, the drift elements of Speed Battle are as described above, so we will focus on the play feeling when testing.

First of all, as for operability, the smartphone version is a virtual button play, so the appropriate operation may be a little used. The part that depends on the experience of playing racing games for smartphones may be great, but at least if you have little experience, it seems good to start from the license first.

The PS4 version is naturally operated with a controller, and the PC version can be operated not only in controllers but also for keyboard. However, in this trial, the PC version was also played with a controller.

Operation with the controller is easy to do and you can move the cart as expected. The handle operation is effective, so if you move too much, you may hit the wall, but this is a big player (this time the writer), and if you identify Shioume, you can enjoy a splendid operation.

The drift is not difficult because both operations can be put out with buttons (smartphones are pressed at the same time as the left and right). However, it is not good to drift, so how to work and where to cut it up will be the appearance of your skill.

As explained, if you decide the drift in Speed Battle, the gauge stretches are quite good, and the style such as running while drifting with a straight line, boosting if the gauge accumulates may be effective.

The reaction of the operation in general is good, and if you make a mistake, you often stall. The drivers are cute, and overall, pop and cute, so they may look easy, but I realized that they were required to be quite full-fledged.

A certain technique is indispensable for all, such as earning drifting and boosting in speed battles, and turning around the item battle. That’s why the comfort when the race develops as expected is exceptional. Although it was a limited play, I felt a part of a full-fledged race that competed only with my skills.


Cart Rider Drift will be distributed within 2022.
Pre-registration has already begun, so if you are interested, please take a look.
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