League of Legends

LOL: The eliminated ability of Riot that caused an unprecedented change in the history of the game

Talking about Broken Champions in League of Legends is talking about a lot of angry people with certain characters at very specific moments in the history of Moba developed by Riot Games. The other day we were able to meet the story of Cho’Gath throughout season 7 and that for several months he was the best champion of the game with an interaction with an object and his final that made him a true monster.

Well, this time we will not talk about a tank but the opposite: a shooter. Specifically of another being of the void that became a scuffle turret and death within League of Legends several years ago: Kog’Maw .

Kog’Maw, to be a useless champion to a turret with legs

To talk about this champion we have to go back to the season 5 of League of Legends, specifically at the end of this with a patch that was going to score a before and after in the game: the change to the shooters. It is in this version when we saw the changes to shooters who stayed far behind in this position : corki, quinn, serious and the bug we will talk about now: kog’maw. All of them They received significant changes in their skills to make them much more effective in different positions, giving different unique skills and attributes.

Well, Kog’Maw received nothing more and nothing less than a unlimited improvement in his w . Although at present what it does is increase its range and be more incisive with the tanks thanks to their magical damage, previously what this ability was doing was unlock its attack speed , which was established at most in 2.5 For all champions to have a limit of up to 5 self-Ataques per second.

To make an idea, This W was twice as quickly as the lethal compass rune with all accumulated loads . But not only that, but also the range was three times greater and, together with its attack speed, this turned the mouth of the abyss into a higher turret inside League of Legends. And by living turret we say it literally, since its attack speed was so absurdly high that it was impossible to kitear with him, so players were still seeing their rivals die.

As happened with Cho’Gath, Riot took a while to fix this monstrosity; Specifically it was 10 months What players had to expect to see how the developer lowered the fumes to this bug that reigned the lower lane during that season of League of Legends. For First time in the history of the game , Riot decided to back up this ability and left as Kog’Maw before the reWork of season 5.