Nvidia relieves the return to school with discounts on laptops enhanced by RTX graphics

Nvidia takes advantage of the school to celebrate discounts on a selection of enhanced laptops by RTX graphs . The company emphenhanced laptopsizes that this promotion is focused on both students and professionals. Either by study or work, you can update your team for a lower than usual price.

most prominent portables in Nvidia offers

  • Lenovo Ideapag Gaming 3 with RTX 3050 for 779 euros (17% discount)
  • HP Victus 16 with RTX 3050 TI for 879 euros
  • Acer Nitro with RTX 3050 Ti for 699 euros
  • enhanced laptopsUS TUF Denhanced laptopsH F15 with RTX 3060 for 1099.99 euros (35% discount)

The laptops that have with an RTX graphics card represent a great tool for professionals dedicated to the design, video editing and other activities that require a powerful computer, says the manufacturer in a press releenhanced laptopse. Thanks to the tensioning nuclei of the RTX cards, users can take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence to accelerate work processes and to enjoy video games compatible with DLSS, while RT nuclei allow applying the latest lighting effects with lighting with ray layout.

And what happens to GPUs?

The improvement of the Stock of graphics cards is evident. The fall in data mining and the improvement in the manufacture of semiconductors henhanced laptops allowed companies such enhanced laptops NVIDIA to inject more units into their main markets.

In fact, it wenhanced laptops themselves who gave the notice of this positive trend lenhanced laptopst May: The increenhanced laptopse of stock will remain over the coming months at more accessible prices. Time henhanced laptops proved them right , and at the beginning of the year their forecenhanced laptopsts followed the line of the market situation that we have lived in what we have been in 2022.