Disprinted objection: Germanys victory against Lithuania continues to be

The liable single court considered this inadmissible due to the fact that the reason was not obtained within the fixed duration of 60 minutes.
The Lithuanians had taken the protest since in the 3rd quarter, regardless of a technological foul by Deutsche Bank, they were denied free throw.
Because the German 109:10 victory in Perfume was only figured out after 2 expansions, the feasible absent point can have been definitive.
The FIBA additionally announced that the demonstration would have been not successful even in case of an amount of NBA 2K time, since the reason given is none of the reasons for which protest can be lodged.


After 3 wins from 3 games, Germany is currently gotten approved for the final round in Berlin.
Lithuania has lost all three games and has to worry about entering the round of 16.