Legal pyrotechnics? BVB

If politics can unexpectedly imagine the legalization of pyrotechnics in the arenas, the clubs would need to be responsible as a coordinator. I do not have any creative imagination of exactly how that should work, said the DFL and Managing Supervisor of Borussia Dortmund her Image on Sunday.

The concept: Ultras can in future be allowed to shed their fireworks prohibited by the explosives regulation in risk-free areas of the arena. The subject is to be gone over at the following s preachers’ conference in November.

BVB boss Hans-Joachim Wake can hardly picture the training of a ban on pyrotechnics in the Bundesliga stadiums.

According to details from the blvd blade, in enhancement to some club bosses, ing activities plan spokesman and s board participants of the government events SPD, Greens as well as FDP must likewise a minimum of supporter participation.

RB Leipzig strictly versus pyrotechnics

The Saxons are among the decisive opponents. We continue to make ourselves clear versus pyrotechnics in any type as well as mean family-friendly arena sees in a relaxed ambience, highlighted Walter.

Most just recently, a variety of clubs had actually been inhabited by the German Football Organization with high fines after fans had repeatedly detonated pyrotechnics at the games.

Since football occurs again with spectators after the pandemic, the harmful usage of pyrotechnics in numerous fans seems to be the requirement, claimed Ulrich Walter, board member of RB Leipzig, the Build am Sontag.