VfL Bochum vs. 1. FC Köln, Bundesliga

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VFL Bochum vs. 1 FC Köln-1: 1.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Köln-1: 1: Data on the game


VFL Bochum and also 1. FC Cologne different with a 1-1 draw. Below you can review the Bundesliga game in the live ticker.

1: 0 Schmitz (9./ ET), 1: 1 Main (88. ).

57.: Jordi Statute is often even also fast for the ball on this wet lawn. Currently, he does not prosper in taking the sphere.

46.: Halo Butcher modifications for a break. Gerrit Boltzmann stays an event of the cabin. After that, Jordi Statute is playing.

13.: By the way, there are 2 debuts to report today. For the guests, Nikola Sold, kid of Zvonimir, bets the first time in the Bundesliga. As well as even his specialist launching provides VFL A-Junior Tim Hermann.

Verdict: Inevitably, the factors are shared. VFL Bochum and 1. FC Cologne different 1-1 before 25,800 viewers. The sacrificing struggle for the table is at the very least not empty-handed under acting coach Halo Butcher, yet sniffed the success for a long period of time after the very early lead. Particularly after to reactivate, VFL played truly strongly, also 1-0 made for half an hour. There were possibilities for more.

88.: Tuition! VFL Bochum-1. FC Cologne 1: 1. The stress of the visitors is growing. Currently, the Rhinelander assault Linton Main on the. After that the issue appears to obtain stuck, Florian Dietz is not really going on in the facility. The round jumps again to Main, who is still hiding there and draws it left near the left objective location and the box is hit by Manuel Riemann. .

Customarily with the Bundesliga video games on Sunday, DAZN is additionally liable for the transfer of the video game VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne. The transmission starts at 4.45 p.m., via the video game you will certainly be gone along with by the following group:.

81.: Tim Hermann is on the ground. A cramp is pestered by the 18-year-old A-Juniors. Undoubtedly, the central defender offered everything.

Masonic), Orders (90th Lampropoulos), Danilo Soares-Losilla, Storage, Stoner, Roller, Boltzmann (46. Statute)- P. Hoffmann (79.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga now in the real-time ticker.

Prior to the start: Butcher can not intend with the damaged Trauma Asana (inner ligament tear), Paul Grave (shoulder surgical procedure), Jacek Kowalski, Dominique Heinz and Constantino Stafylidis (all muscle problems).

9 0. +3.: The guests feel that more is possible below, the video game intends to turn entirely. Bochum awaits the ropes, just intends to conserve himself over time.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga now in the online ticker modification Bochum.

61.: At the Bochum charge location, Jordi Statute UDP Benny Schmitz broke down with his heads in aerial combat. Both continue to be on the lawn and must be dealt with.

72.: Kevin Stoner makes use of package Jordi Statute left wing. He in fact needs to carry out with left, but it doesn’t dare. The pass in the center appears ridiculous, since there are only Cologne. However, they do not make clear that, Stoner complies with as well as falls short with his left foot from five meters to Marvin Schwab.

39.: At the very least there is now a complimentary kick for Effie. Florian Keying comes from the right. The cross places on as soon as and also jumps through to the degree of the second message. There Ell yes Shirt shows up totally openly, but does not even bring his header on the goal from a short distance. What an opportunity!

74.: Steffen Rampart complies with up in regard to workers. Florian Dietz comes for Dean Juridic.

Before the start: As a meaningless bottom, VFL has the table ninth. The last is additionally an unfavorable leading worth in the Bundesliga.

76.: Because the opportunities, the Bochum management is definitely deserved. VFL has actually worked on this tremendously given that the start. Then Linton Main carries out with his best foot from a half-left placement. Manuel Riemann from the lengthy corner.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga currently in the online ticker modification Bochum.


VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga now in the Linebacker modification Fragrance.

90. +1.: The regular having fun time has actually simply run out. There should be five minutes on the top.

63.: The perhaps battered Benny Schmitz drops. Kingsley Schindler takes over. Bochum Jordi Statute can continue playing.

Before the start: Have a nice Sunday and also welcome to the penultimate game of the seventh match day in the Bundesliga. VFL Bochum satisfies 1. FC Cologne.

46.: Currently the ball rolls back in the Ruhr Stadium.

35.: After a free task decision against himself, Jan Thailand responds damaged, gets hold of the ball and also balances it to the ground. There are usually yellow for such scenes. However, Bastian Dankest techniques forbearance, warns the midfielder to modest.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga currently in the Linebacker goal Bochum.

45. +1.: Then umpire Bastian Dankest requests for the break quite time.

68.: for the very first time Bastian Dankest pulls out the yellow card. Time Hubert gets that to Cristian Gambia after a nasty. It is his second of the existing period.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga now in the Linebacker adjustment Perfume.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga today in the LiveTicker-The 7th match day at a summary.

77.: Fragrance adds a tooth. Now comes Saris Damian, served by Ell yes Shirt, half-left in the box for the left-hand shot and also strikes the left blog post.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga currently in the Linebacker jetty 2nd half.

55.: Bochum does a great deal to earn the lead a little and, most of all, to escape the opponent’s pressure. Effie has no longer come into its own.

46.: Without workers modifications, Steffen Rampart sends his group right into the 2nd stage of the game.
| Moderator: Toby Wahnschaffe.| commentator: Marco Hartmann.| Expert: Sasha Bivalve.| Reporter: Ann-Sophie Kimmel.
| Schwäbe-Schmitz (63rd Schindler), Hubert, Sold, Hector-Ljubicic (74. Main), Dada (63.

  • Riemann-Gamboa, Hermann, Orders, Danilo Soares-Losilla, Storage, Stoner, Roller, Holtmann-P. Hoffmann.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga currently in the real-time ticker half-time break.

Day Time Home team Result Away group.
Friday, 09/16/22 8.30 p.m. 1. FSV Mainz 05 1: 1 Bertha BSC.
Saturday, 09/17/22 3:30 p.m. VfB Stuttgart 1: 3 Eintracht Frankfurt.
Sunday, 09/18/22 3:30 p.m. 1. FC Union Berlin -:- VFL Wolfsburg.

9 0. 63.: The possibly battered Benny Schmitz goes down. 57.: Jordi Statute is often also as well rapid for the ball on this wet yard. 41.: Now there is relief for VFL once more. 11.: ** So interim coach Halo Butcher experiences a procedure.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga today in live ticker broadcast on TV and also livestream.

Before the beginning: A positive balance also have de Hofstadter versus VFL, looking back to 33:11 triumphs in the Bundesliga al1. Last season the Perfume gamers won their house game 2-1 as well as scored a point in Bochum (2: 2).

74.: as well as opposed to Florian Keying, Saris Damian must now relocate a little. The visitors are through with the players.

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1.: The round rolls.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga currently in the real-time ticker adjustment Bochum.

11.: So interim trainer Halo Butcher experiences a procedure. As well as Fragrance runs behind once again. She has currently shown that the Rhinelander comprehend exactly how to take care of it.

3.: Pyrotechnic smoke advancement, a bit of the sight. The corresponding stadium announcement was immediately made to the video game. Bastian Dank rt however obviously has enough sight.

53.: After a level pass from Danilo Soars, Kevin Stoner fires his left foot straight from the area of the left corner of the fine location. The round transforms past the short edge.

Prior to the beginning: On the side of the visitors, Steffen Rampart stand on the hurt Sebastian Andersson (knee procedure), Julian Cabot (tendon tear), Dimitrios Limits (sophisticated training according to the cruciate tendon tear), Mathias Lessen (syndesmoseriss), Mark Utah (Schaybbein-Operation) as well as the obstructed Luca Kilian (yellow-red lock).

64.: Florian Keying goes across from the. For the initial time in the second round, the visitors end up being hazardous. Linton Main involves the header at the goal location. Manuel Riemann anticipates marvelous also if the offside whistle appears anyhow.

6.: In the rainfall of Bochum, Cristian Gambia from the second row guarantees the initial goal of this game. The lawful shot of the Costa Rican from a half-right position flies over the box.

9.: Tuition! VFL Bochum-1. FC Cologne 1: 0. After the Fragrance corner, the Consumers go crazy regarding an exemplary strike. It is moved to the. There, Kevin Stoner sends the nimble Gerrit Boltzmann to the rate. This practically pulls the flank in from the standard. Transcend desires to make clear Jonas Hector in the center, fires his coworker Benny Schmitz and also the sphere trudges into his own objective from a couple of meters. .

90.: Halo Butcher intends to bring tranquil with the extremely last change. Ivan Orders leaves the grass that Vasileios Lampropoulos goes into.

Before the beginning: quickly prior to the kick-off we look at the umpire team. The 42-year-old FIFA referee comes to his 137th job in the Bundesliga.

83.: In Addition, Cristian Gambia is replaced by Said Bank.

  • Schwäbe-Schmitz, Hubert, Sold, Hector-Ljubicic, Shirt, Thailand, Dada, Kansas. Tinges.

63.: While the therapy lasts on the lawn, Steffen Rampart brings fresh forces. Eric Martel comes for Andrej Dada.

59.: At the end, only the Bochum has come considering that the beginning. Now Philipp Hoffmann terminates from the second row and half-left position. Marvin Schwab sees the left shot late, can not react and takes a breath up when the round hisses past the lengthy corner.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga today in the real-time ticker-official line-up.

| VFL Bochum: Riemann-Gamboa, Hermann, Orders, Danilo Soares-Losilla, Storage, Stoner, Roller, Holtmann-P. Hoffmann.
1. FC Cologne: ** Schwäbe-Schmitz, Hubert, Sold, Hector-Ljubicic, Shirt, Thailand, Dada, Kansas. Tinges.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga currently in the online ticker change Bochum.

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26.: Bochum is presently restricted to protective work. The base of the table is the more hazardous group.

83.: Bundesliga launching Tim Hermann is after that also changed. For this, Ethan Masonic denies the last phase.

70.: Incidentally, in the Ruhr Arena, 25,800 spectators, obviously, resist the consistent rain that most program with one roof over his head.

Half-time conclusion: After 45 mins, VFL Bochum leads 1-0 in the residence game against 1. FC Cologne. A very own goal of Benny Schmitz brought the residence side the early goal, who had another top-class chance with a blog post shot from Gerrit Boltzmann. When it comes to the high quality of the occasions, the guests maintained with trouble, however there were possibilities. Additionally, the Effect recorded the significantly larger game shares and 9: 3 goal shots. And the attitude of the Ronstadt citizens also left nothing to be preferred in the rainfall of Bochum. Steffen Rampart’s kids won more battles.

90.: Cologne is awarded an edge. After an expansion of the header, the sphere on the goal area drops in front of Nikola Sold’s feet.

Hubert (68. ).

24.: In general, Cologne records the larger video game shares and also wins twice as several duels. The greater ticket protection is additionally on the part of the Ronstadt. Steffen Rampart’s young boys do a lot to succeed at some point.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga currently in the LiveTicker-Tor Cologne.

29.: Cologne creates two corners in a row. The second cross from the appropriate side locates Jonas Hector’s head, that heads the sphere past the goal on the.

22.: During Effie, Dean Juridic attempts it from the 2nd row. Manuel Riemann demands a great deal of legal shot from a half-right position. The keeper parried well.

50.: After That Jordi Statute is sent outstanding. The one-consuming collection of ability is hardly slower than Boltzmann, makes it to the right into the fine area and also fails with his right-hand shot on the short edge on Marvin Schwab. The offside whistle sounds, however that was limited.

41.: Now there is relief for VFL again. The quick Gerrit Holman makes every effort to the left in the sixteen, yet pushes against Time Hubert, who touches the sphere somewhat with his arm. That is by no indicates not a charge, which absolutely also see the Var associates Pascal Müller as well as MTA Telemann in the background.

42.: 2 corners straight now do not bring anything to the hosts. The Fragrance team defend this with no issues.

8.: Now it will certainly be harmful for the very first time. Cologne’s Florian Keying shows up in the box.

Prior to the beginning: Fragrance last had to do a global job and also many thanks to a 4-2 on Thursday against 1. In the DFB Mug near John Regensburg (after fine shootout), in the ECL playoffs at Federal (3: 0), in the Bundesliga at RB Leipzig (2: 2), in Frankfurt (1: 1) as well as in Wolfsburg (4: 2) As well as in the ECL team stage in Good (1: 1), the Effie always took a distinction.

Listing VFL Bochum .

Yellow cards .

15.: Jonas Hector kicks a cost-free kick from the left fifty percent area. At the level of the 2nd message, Nikola Sold concerns the header, which, nevertheless, gets stuck in the goal location.

79.: After the lengthy sprint, Philipp Hoffmann can take the end of the day. Christopher Antwi-Adjei is now playing.

17.: Also if most of it has actually been obstructed, as is the right shot of Jan Thailand, the guests already have 5 attempts at goal. So the Rhinelander do not leave anything unturned and also placed the obstacle away.

19.: after that Bochum counters once more. This is the 2nd shot of VFL.

Before the beginning: A lot has taken place to the host because last weekend. Thomas Was’ term at VFL is background, Halo Butcher tries today as an interim instructor to pull the helm around for the first time.

37.: In this stage you rub on your own up in duels. This plays the Consumers in the cards, which are really great. The Perfume fold in a little.

86.: An edge is granted to the Effie. Jonas Hector tips up the sphere in front of the goal. Manuel Riemann does not concern the train, but the teammates knock things away. The Consumers clear up the circumstance with united pressures.

Listing 1. FC Cologne .

90. +6.: Then referee Bastian Dankest finishes the stress on the pitch.

Prior to the beginning: After the Westphalia went to the very least the mug task at Viktoria Berlin at the beginning of the period (3-0), absolutely nothing intended to run in the further course. Six defeats aligned. Finally, VFL could not even have something countable versus the promoted Bremen (0: 2) and also Schalke (1: 3). In the house, an objective was only racked up versus Mainz at the beginning of August (1: 2). In the Ruhr Stadium, personal bankruptcies joined Bayern Munich (0: 7) as well as against SV Welder. The Consumers took the last victory in the Bundesliga on the 33rd match day of last season. At the beginning of May, Armenia Bielefeld was defeated 2-1 in the house.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga now in the real-time ticker-yellow card Hubert.

48.: Bochum actively begins the second round, a totally free kick is established on the left. Yet then there is an absence of determination as well as the engaging goal is failed to do so. Simon Roller is blocked.

63.: Furthermore, Jan Thailand is changed by Linton Main.

VFL Bochum vs. 1. FC Cologne, Bundesliga-das 1-1 to read in the real-time ticker.

33.: Currently Florian Keying is trying from the 2nd row. This right-hand shot is additionally permanently in air travel, does not obtain any type of call with the ground and also cruises past the housing of Manuel Riemann.

31.: It continues to rain. The yard grass is married for spacer shots. So much the gamers have actually not been able to obtain them.