[Issue] Leaked GTA6 development video, Hacker Rockstar Games threat

Rockstar Games’ core franchise GTA series, which has surpassed 350 million cumulative sales worldwide. The latest work and the ‘GTA6’, which the latest and series fans have been waiting for, have caused a colostrum to be released due to the leak of hackers.

On the 18th, a total of 90 ‘GTA6’ development builds were released at the GTA Forum, an overseas GTA community. The hacker who leaked the video is Teapotuberhacker. In addition to the ‘GTA6’ development build video that he hacked Uber two days ago, he unveiled some source code in addition to the ‘GTA6’ development build video. Know that it can be, he revealed. He threatened to contact Rockstar Games before it was too late.


When such a fact was revealed, the parent company of Rockstar Games, take, responded quickly. Take says that copyright has been infringed through DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act), and is rapidly deleting leaked videos through YouTube.

Meanwhile, Temper Tuber hacker said, If you don’t have contact from take-to-Lockstar Games, you plan to leak more things such as GTA6 test builds if you don’t get in touch with take to the GTA forum. Send a message included via telegram or email.