FC Barcelona with crazy income

US financier Sixth Road pays 207.5 million for ten percent of the income from the league television legal rights of the next 25 years. Another 15 percent needs to generate over 300 million, 49.99 percent of the Barça Licensing & Merchandising 200 to 300 million euros.

In the Corona pandemic, last period 2020/21, Barça had composed a loss of 481 million euros. The contract with superstar Lionel Messi could not be expanded, the Argentinean switched over to Paris St. German.


The Spanish football Roman club FC Barcelona, plagued by financial needs, anticipates profits of 1.255 billion euros and an expected profit of 274 million euros in the existing period 2022/23. The AFP company records.

The new club of globe footballer Robert Lewandowski (formerly Bavaria Munich) is burdened by financial debts of 1.35 billion euros. The profits side might be clearly enhanced by selling TV and also marketing rights.