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Valorant: G2 Esports would be outside the big franchise leagues in 2023 because of Ocelot

The controversy starring Carlos Ocelot Rodríguez last weekend could have serious consequences for G2 eSports . According to different reporters specialized in eSports, Riot Games would have decided to punish the organization for their last actions of the founder and social media manager causing them to stay out of the next major franchisees of Valorant that will begin in the year 2023 In this way, the team would immediately lose a good part of its relevance and also much of its ability to generate income for the next competitive season.

Riot Games does not want G2 eSports in the elite of Valorant

The information has been revealed in the first instance by the eSports journalist NEW , who has an impolite history of leaks regarding Counter-Strike and Valorant. My sources tell me that G2 Esports is outside the franchises (NA and EU) due to recent disputes. G2 Esports had a hole in North America, but Riot Games had an emergency meeting and changed its decision. Leviathan will probably take the last hole in the region, NEL explained in his personal Twitter account. To the information, with some nuances about the substitute team, the classmates were addedGeorge Geodes and Alejandro Gomes *.

As for the controversy referred to in the filters, it is the video shared by Ocelot with Andrew Tate and the subsequent reaction of the owner of G2 Esports. Andrew Tate was a kind of ephemeral Internet celebrity that ended bathing of all the platforms in which he shared content for carrying out constant misogyny comments. Among them, women should assume some responsibility for being raped. Dangerous companion for a swap night that the community wanted to reproach the president of the organization, something that only gave rise to more problems for the club.

After the controversy for sharing a video with Tate, the founder of G2 Esports did everything but fix the situation . He in the first instance declared that there was nothing wrong and that he was partying with whom he left the balls. However, and probably after the intervention of the club’s public relations services, he turned back and apologized in what will be remembered forever as one of the most generic communications that have taken place in the Samurai organization. To such an extent came the controversy, that even his team punished him depriving him eight weeks of employment and salary. However, the most lasted punishment would undoubtedly be this Riot Games, which would put the future of the organization in Valorant in check.