Guide to the Day of the sweet house Tears of Femis

The day of the sweet house Tears of Themes is a furniture event, which is held since September 27 , 2022 K October 11 , 2022 and open to all lawyers who completed x-Note is the main story of 4-15 . During this event, you can collect drawings of furniture in the style of a sweet fairy tale and grow exquisite lumber for construction.

How to complete the event Day of the sweet house of tears of Semis

Click on events in the left corner of the main screen and select day of the sweet house . Click Homework in the lower right corner of the screen. Your main goal is to perform as many improvements to the house as possible to collect drawings and exquisite lumber. Then they can be used to set up (manufacture) Sweet Fairy Tale to get S-chips and the exclusive Playful Badge icon.

To get all awards, you need to do the following:

  • Set up 9 Sweet Fairy Tale furniture to get all the S-Chip awards (total x200).
  • Set up 12 Sweet Fairy Tale furniture to get an exclusive Playful Badge icon.

How to make an arrangement of a house in the event Day of the sweet House of Tears Semis

You need to make improvements at home to perform homework and receive awards, including drawings of a sweet fairy tale. Go to x-net and select research . Scroll down to find improvement of the house section, which will be displayed only during the event. There are five stages, each of which gives a single reward of 25 s-chips Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do all at least once before focusing at the last stage of the farm.

You can only perform three rounds for free every day, and you can spend 100 S-chips to update your daily chances three times a day. Assuming that you are playing all 15 days of events, you can collect in total 45 / 90 / 135 / 180 270 ** exquisite lumber depending on From the level of complexity you have chosen.

How much exquisite lumber do you need to make all the furniture in the event Dear House of Tears of Themes?

You need 960 exquisite lumber to configure all 12 pieces of furniture Sweet Fairy Tale in the event. In addition to the amount that you can receive by performing the stages of improvement of the house, you can grow the material in the following ways:

  • Get compensation by intrastate mail (X100 Exquisite Lumber).
  • Perform homework (not for a free game).

In addition, you can get a stock of exquisite lumber by buying them for vouchers to arrange a house. Go to nix select Looted Open Salon-store , and select any of the furniture sets. You will find the opportunity to purchase x1 exquisite wood for the X50 voucher Home Deck .

Keep in mind that exquisite lumber is not an exclusive resource for the event, so for this event you can use any of your exquisite lumber. In the same way, if you are not interested in rewards, all exquisite lumber that you collect can also be used for future events or to configure other furniture sets that you prefer.

Check out our guide for daily registration at Tears of Themes to receive Home Deck vouchers for this event.