Airoheart – How to win the Castle Radion boss

Castle Radio is an important milestone for Air heart players, as they got their first long-range weapon: a crossbow. This allows players to kill enemies from a safe distance. I hope they worked on their goal, because you cannot defeat the boss of this area without very accurate arrows.

boss with shells in the Radio Castle

The second boss, whom the players should kill in Airfare, is one huge eyeball (it looks like a faction from Super Metro id. As soon as the battle begins, the boss will cause a smaller eyeball to surround the boss and shoot a shell in the player. This shell cannot be blocked shield

If the player manages to destroy a smaller eyeball, a small window will appear in which the player can shoot arrows in the boss’s eye. However, this window is quite small, and the boss uses this time to charge a large green beam. Usually players should be able to make four shots before they need to roll aside.

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As the boss receives more damage, it causes the second smaller eyeball, the third, and later the fourth. However, only one smaller eyeball can shoot at the player at the same time. Since the player needs arrows to injure the boss, it is better to use the sword to cut down the eyeballs, if possible.

This strategy is a little more risky, but often it is often just to take damage, if it means getting rid of the eyeball (they fall with two strokes with a sword). At the bottom of the room there are four replenishment for arrows, but that’s all; When it is tiring, the player can no longer receive arrows to shoot at the boss.

In the upper part of the room are pots with hearts, including one with a green potion. The easiest way to deal with this boss is to cut off small eyeballs with a sword and shoot at the boss with arrows. If the player receives damage, he can always replenish his health with the help of available hearts and potions.

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