Be a star! Add a new assigne impact hero Hydros

Comes Holdings (CEO Lee Jong-un) announced on the 14th that it has launched a large-scale update on ‘Be a Star!’

In this update, a new third-impact hero, ‘Hydro’ appeared. Hydro are not seen by both eyes, but it is a priest character who treats allies with sacred energy. He attacks an enemy, restores the vitality of the entire allies, and improves magic damage.

‘Guild Tournament’ will be held until the 23rd of this month. Tournaments will be selected for the representative guild representatives in each guild and will be the strongest in the finals. A large amount of ‘ruby’ compensation will be paid to the participants and the representative starters, as well as the highest ranking of the 64th round.


In addition, abundant events are held. Until the 27th of this month, the ‘Urban Treasure Box Event’ will be held. If you succeed in the adventure dungeon during the event, you can get a ‘treasure chest’ containing various gifts such as ‘Goddess’s memory’ and ‘Alar’s soul’. Until the 26th of this month, you can enjoy the ‘Adventure Dungeon Challenge Event’ and ‘Odyssey Aggression Event’. If you play the contents for a certain number of times, you can receive various rewards for strengthening power such as ‘U-grade draw’ and ‘5 summon seats of El GIA Equipment’.

‘Be a Star!’ Is a fantasy adventure RPG developed by Flint (CEO Kim Young-mo) and serviced by Comes Holdings. It has become a representative classic mobile game through steady updates with emotional graphics, solid stories and vast contents of fairy tale style. For more information, please visit the official café.