Comment: Not Otts, yet Hoeneß look was unpleasant

Above all, it was humiliated not to a minimum of provide Out to respond to. Rather, Honey insulted the Bavaria follower and retreated. The undoubtedly boring end of the JHV did not check out himself anymore.

To blame his counterpart an embarrassing look. That might occur, football is still an organization of emotions. But of all points to do if the public as well as reporters can hear it quite possibly as well as also record it?

Once again and also again HOTNESS, and also if the honorary president no more interferes in the functional business, he can also accentuate himself this year. So he wanted it? Unclear, but his assault against fan agent Michael Out was difficult.

When the annual general conference of FC Bayern looms, the supposed highlights of the past years are constantly satisfied to be worn down by this event. There are likewise scenes of UPI Honey how he reprimanded the spunk mood how he apologized for his tax evasion, exactly how he returned throughout splits.

Michael Out’s appearance was absolutely not humiliating, and he made his questions to Head of state Herbert Gainer concerning the Qatar-Airways funding. Instead, Honey was unpleasant, which on the one hand scolded unnecessarily.