LOL: The most spectacular game of the 2022 Worlds that classified Rogue to the quarterfinals

When the World Cups of League of Legends begin, the competitive fans disappear from the life of our loved ones for a month. Although the thing becomes much simpler if we are fans of European teams. Week of misfortunes in the 2022 Worlds for LEC fans who have ended a small joy. Rogue has classified the quarterfinals and has done so for his own merits. The team that recently announced its fusion with KOI won GAM Esports in the first game of the day to end the ghosts of G2 Esports or Fanatic. However, he got the square outside the invoked’s crack.

The play that gave rest to European fans

He wanted the calendar stipulated by Riot Games who, after being defeated by Rogue, the GAM Esports boys played a second consecutive game. On this occasion they had to measure themselves to an eSports that arrived with sensations found and that needed the victory not to get into a mess. However, in one of the most epic games of what Vietnamese is going to make a broken to the Chinese team. Sensational victory in which, without showing their best League of Legends, those of the VCS delighted the spectators with a superlative end .

Although this is one of the times it was worth seeing the full play and stopping words, the truth is that it is the most roller coaster of what is going on the World Cup. Although GAM Esports had everything to certify his elderly dragon and take the first victory of what goes from World Cup, the Vietnamese team saw how the two Top Esports carry entered with everything to steal it and, indeed, they got it. A situation that gave rise to an ace that pointed to a does not go for the dream of the VCS team.

However, after Kiara (Oran) won countless time for his team, he gives them time to go out to the Vietnamese. Levi joked (Arthur), who was sensational throughout the confrontation, about Vietnam’s talent in the guerrilla war. Thus, in a last surprise confrontation to defend how little left the nexus how they managed to save the furniture. Four casualties that gave enough time to run and, yes, knock down 100% of the queen structure of the rival to add the first victory of the VCs on their return to the World Cups of League of Legends.