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[Preview] Marvel Snap, Marvels hero and Billan gathered in one place!

The official play video of Marvel Snap, where you can meet all Bill an and heroes in Marvel, is released. Marvel Snap is an ambitious CCG prepared by the game company ‘Second Dinner’, which is a former game director Ben Broad. In June of this year, soft launch in the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia will be launched and will be officially released on the upcoming October 18 (Tue).

As it is based on Marvel IP, I think it is a game that can appeal to fans who only watch movies as well as Marvel Comics fans. In addition, the game allows you to find out the various heroes and Billans in Marvel, and the card effects and effects made by using their characteristics stimulate the eyes and ears.

■ Card game? Not difficult
In fact, most card games have some prejudice that the genre itself is difficult because the brain fights, which have to look forward to a few, are difficult. However, Marvel Snap is easy to enjoy even if you are the first to play card games.

First, the deck of the Marvel Snap consists of 12 chapters. Compared to other card games, we use a fairly small number of cards. In addition, rather than taking turns on the turn of yourself and the opponent, both sides adopted the turn at the same time, and if the game is basically 6 turns, it ends.

This easy-to-adaptable play and about 3 minutes per game help you enjoy Marvel Snap. It’s a significant reduction in barriers to entry for card games. One of the advantages is that you can play on mobile, so you can enjoy it lightly on the go.

Marvel Snap can get a card just by playing the game steadily, so the stress of collecting cards is small. Even if you continue to perform only the missions that are generated every time, you can configure the decks of your concept faster than you think.

In addition, the card upgrade can also change the appearance of the card nicely. At first, the appearance of the card appears to be a 2D image, but the more the rating of the card, the more colorful the frame is, and the image also develops into 3D animation. As such, I did not miss the fun of collecting cards, one of the core elements of CCG using this increasingly wonderful card upgrade system.

■ There is still one step left, the reversal variable is so!
In the card game, the fun of reversing through the number of conversion is also very important. Marvel Snap also has a variety of reverse variables. The biggest variable is the area of the Marvel Snap, the ‘zone’.


Marvel Snap’s victory condition is to occupy two or more of the three areas in the center with higher power than opponents. However, there are dozens of areas in the Marvel Snap, and each has a special effect, which is a very large variable.

For example. You can give power. When used alone, even if you use the effect of the area, you can use the effect of the area.

In order to increase the rank in Marvel Snap, you need to collect the ‘Cosmic Cube’ acquired when you win the game. In each game, one cube will be bet by default and doubled by 6 turns. Since then, the defeated user loses the cube, and the winning user is a structure in which the user acquires the cube.

However, using a system called Snap can also get a large amount of cube at once. Press the cube button on the screen to shout the snaps to double the bet on the cube. Snaps can be shouted at any time before the end of the last turn. So-called high risk high return.

That’s why it’s a good idea to shout in the situation where you’ve got a win, but you can also shout a snap in a disadvantage. However, it is important to see the appropriate moment because you can lose the cube that is difficult to shout snaps with ignorance.

■ Can you see Colossus, Star Rod, and Cyclops in one place?
For users who like the original Marvel Comics, Marvel movies are unfortunate. It is very difficult to watch the characters in Marvel Comics in a movie. For example, ‘X-Men’ is a character from Marvel, but in the movie series, all distributors are different. That’s why it’s almost impossible to watch the same composition as the Avengers VS X-Men.

But in Marvel Snap, you can see all in one place from the heroes in Marvel Comics to Billed and the background of the story. It is also fun to see a character as a variety of illustrations through a deformation card that plays a similar role as a skin.

In October, the Season Pass ‘Symbiote invasion’, which is the center of the second-generation Spider-Man, Miles Morales, is in progress, and the new concept season pass and characters will continue to be added in the future. I am looking forward to what kind of character will be added next time.