Konami suggests a internally developed Silent Hill: they are looking for first level creators

Who w going to say it! INAMI, who did not launch any game of his horror saga since 2012, not only prepares several new titles with external studies, but h implied that he will also develop more silent Hill internally . At let that suggests in a tweet published in the official Japanese account, where he h shared the link to a new page to recruit talent.


We have opened a special website to recruit high-level video game developers, says the tweet. This includes the Silent Hill saga . Different positions are requested on the page, such producer, game director and more. On the other hand, in several offers experience with Unreal Engine is requested, the engine that Blooper Team will use in the remake of the second installment.

** There are no mentions to another of the sag that remain in fallow, Metal Gear Solid. Phantom Pain. After the march of Kolyma, INAMI commercialized Metal Gear Survive, a multiplayer of survival outside the canon of the main story.

Silent Hill 2 Remake, close to finishing its development

There is still no confirmed launch date, but Blooper Team h revealed that development h entered the final phe. The developers work to polish the game experience in the face of their arrival in the market on PS5 and PC. announced during retransmission, Silent Hill 2 Remake will be exclusive to Sony’s new generation system temporarily.

In addition to the remake, INAMI hmissioned other titles : Silent Hill F is set in Japan of the 60s and will be the next main installment. On the other hand, not Code will be in charge of designing Silent Hill: Downfall, while Silent Hill: cension is emerging a kind of interactive set in streaming with decisions that will be made among all players.