Strictly prohibited in the hotel! Complaining that the real hotel that appeared in COD: MW2 was used to promote violence

De Volkskrant reports that the Dutch 5-star Hotel Conservatories Hotel has complained that it is the stage of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 .

COD: MW2 is one of the most attractive stages drawn with its beautiful graphics, but the cityscape of Amsterdam also appears in the campaign of this work. In this work, which reproduces the real city, the hotel, one of the buildings, is a model that exists in reality.

The conservatories hotel manager, the conservatories hotel manager, regards this matter as the game that seems to be promoted by violence is not supported, and it is incredible to our values. He talks about being there and concludes that he is considering the possible measures.

The hotel side does not eliminate the possibility of legal measures for the countermeasures, so it may be possible to develop into a lawsuit. As a controversy about these buildings, there was a protest against the use of the manchester cathedral model in the 2006 RESISTANCE-The Day of Humanity, but at this time there was only a formal apology by Sony. There was no above progress.

With the improvement of graphics that seem to be the same as the reality, and the increase in capacity that can be used, you will be able to experience great games, but in the future games modeled on real buildings will have these problems. It seems like. In that sense, the whereabouts of this case are likely to affect future game development.