Dürens Matuschyk: Im not a guy who just looks off

Mr. Matuschyk, the World Cup in Qatar is simply around the corner. If you maintain your fingers went across: Poland or Germany?

I have dual citizenship, yet the answer is clear: Poland. Especially given that young boys still play there with whom I was enabled to reject the house European Championship.

With Robert Lewandowski, Adam Matuschyk drove the show to the European Championship and also currently stole the program. The here and now is called the local organization table storage. He discusses it and regarding his end of his profession in the interview.

Captain Robert Lewandowski most of all. Did you congratulate him on the world footballer political election?

For that I would certainly need to obtain his telephone number initially. But seriously: I was very happy for him. Look was the just appropriate choice.

Just how often do you think about the European Championship in your nation of birth?

Frank Schaefer was not her biggest follower right from the start. .

It was crazy: instantly I was right in the middle of it and idolizers like Bastian Schweinsteiger encountered me as a challenger.

Are you not thinking of the end of the career with 33? .

will certainly you end your job at 1. FC Duran? .

It was the emphasis of my profession, also if we missed out on the knockout round, and also I just had a short job. I still get goose bumps today when I believe about the nationwide anthem.

They are thought about extremely moderate as well as down-to-earth. Properties that younger players particularly can remove? .

He campaigned for me that I was permitted to take a trip to Belem with the professionals in winter training school. Just there might I convince head trainer Zvonimir Sold.

The complete arenas were trendy, yet the West battle in Duran with the earliest wood grandstand in Germany likewise has flair. My need to kick is still as big as in the mid-20s.

I have wonderful respect for today X, but it is not yet that much: I can easily trust myself at this level for 4 years.

There was no conflict between Pepe as well as the group. Just is often a new impulse obviously required to locate back on track.

You also recognize the hymn of 1. FC Cologne in and also by heart. Because in enhancement to 21 international matches, 52 first department and 50-second division video games for the billy goats get on their account.

In Duran we are lucky in this regard, however today’s generation is ticking differently. It is a lot more certain concerning what is great. But you need to bear in mind worth such as humility and also regard more frequently.

In what means? .


When I was a U-17 player, he stated to me candidly in his feature as a U-19 instructor: Adam, I will not take over currently! That shook me awake.

The 2014 Bundesliga promotion continues to be unforgettable. Also, if I was able to experience the same thing in 2012 as a car loan from Fortuna Düsseldorf: FC is my heart club. I owe everything to him-not last my then U-23 train Frank Schaefer.

Everything promotes it, especially considering that my family really feels comfy in Keen. My spouse and also 2 youngsters needed to relocate often enough-even to Poland when I hosted likely to Rubin from Braunschweig in 2017. My modification in 2020 from KFC Herding to Duran was an aware choice for amateur football.

Certainly, the complete stadiums were amazing, however the Westkampfbahn in Duran with the earliest wooden grandstand in Germany likewise has style.

Adam Matuschyk concerning the differences in between the Bundesliga and regional league.

Mr. Matuschyk, the Globe Mug in Qatar is just around the edge. Captain Robert Lewandowski above all. will you end your job at 1. After the dream as well as the climb begin to the historic local organization period with 4 victories and also a draw, your team has currently crashed into a relegation area. The 0: 2 versus Wuppertal was the game one after the launch of Giuseppe Brunette.

After the desire as well as the ascent start to the historical regional organization season with four victories and a draw, your team has now collapsed into a transfer z1. Would you do an additional Oberlin season? .

The FC is my heart club. I owe everything to him.

Adam Matuschyk regarding 1. FC Cologne

Shortly after your Bundesliga debut on February 27, 2010, in Leverkusen, swiped the program with a dual pack as a six-pack even Lukas Pools. .

Do you miss out on the large Bundesliga stage? .

The 0: 2 against Wuppertal was the game one after the release of Giuseppe Brunette. According to President Wolfgang Spellman, the group had actually spoken out for a brand-new impulse. Was the splitting up without choice? .

Why not? I’m not the guy who simply looks off. Yet I count on the turn: we need to trust our strengths as well as make the Westkampfbahn a citadel once more.