All Sonic Frontiers analysis. The international press gets wet, the best Sonic 3D?

After years of comings and go with the 3D, Sega wanted to compensate with Sonic and offer us a game that evolved the saga. A delivery that had a completely different style and more in line with contemporary standards, but also served to recover the quality dimensions of yesteryear . The result? Sonic Frontiers, the first hedgehog in the open worlds, The first Sandbox of the franchise , which leaves this November 8, 2022, on all possible platforms (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC). The question now is, H Sega achieved the marked objective?

The international press seems to give the reon to our partner Roberto Barrage, who declares in the Meditation analysis that Sonic Frontiers is the best delivery of the saga in three dimensions -with permission of Sonic Colors-from the clsic Sonic Adventure For Dream ct. The consensus seems to be the same, but still everyone warns that this is only a principle to build, having a lot of improvement margin most of the ingredients of their formula. All applaud the amount of content and their variety, while the main complaints come from their fighting and technical performance . However, we are faced with a perfectly enjoyable delivery.

Sonic Frontiers: All analysis

With a medium 73 so far after more than 30 international reviews, Sonic Frontiers is presented a ray of hope for the future of our favorite hedgehog. Despite the doubts woke up in its first trailers, the game seems to undertake the path that the saga needed and the character’s fans will like . Here is a list with the analysis of the main media:

  • Attack of the Fanboy-90
  • ShackNews-90
  • Gamingtrend-85
  • Multiplayer-80
  • Game RANT-80
  • Push Square-80
  • Gamesbeat-80
  • Mignon Japan-80
  • Central Game Metro-80
  • VGC-80

  • Game Inform-78
  • Ey Allies-75
  • God is a Geek-75

Press Start-75
Digital Trends-20