Game, subculture game grade reclassification · Sea Sin 2 controversy

[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] The game commission announced in relation to the controversy over the rating of subculture games, including ‘Blue Archive’.

The Game Water Management Committee (Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol) held a press conference at the metropolitan office meeting room located in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul on the 10th and announced the fact that subculture games were classified. The classification means that the game commission is re-adjusting the rating of the game of the owner.

Earlier, the Game Committee has been controversial, as the rating of many subculture games, including Blue Archive, can not be used for youth at the age of 15 years old.

On this day, the game committee said that in the case of game materials that have recently been raised, the developer said that it is not included in the game materials such as sexual acts, obscene and sexual topics or expressions, exposure or stimulating costumes when applying for game grade classification to their own classification operators. He explained that he was classified as three users.

However, as a result of the monitoring of the game, it is confirmed that the physical exposure of the main part of the female character and the voice that suggests sexual activity, etc. Based on the basis, he mentioned that the game was determined to be a game that could not be used for youth. On this day, the game commission also revealed the image of controversial subculture games to help understand.

According to the Game Committee, the owner of its own classification company has expressed its opinion on the notification of the grade upward, and plans to proceed with the procedure to collect opinions when the developer makes an appeal in the future.

He also made a position on ‘Sea Sin 2’. The Sea Sin 2 is a game that has been classified as a total usage from the game.


On the day, the game explained that the story of the sea 2 and the sea was different. Unlike the sea story, which is a slot machine mosquito game that automatically reels, regardless of the user’s ability, the sea god 2 means that the Sea Sin 2 is a game that fits the picture that rotates from the right to the given mission.

The Game Committee said, Sea St. 2 is similar to sea stories, concepts and graphics, but unlike sea stories that are determined by accidental factors, Sea Sin 2 is determined by user abilities and complying with game industrial laws such as limited amount per hour. If the game is distributed through illegal renovation, we will thoroughly crack down on illegal activities through on-site crackdowns.

Regarding the request for national audit, if an audit of the game follow-up management system is conducted, it will be faithfully audited in accordance with the relevant laws and procedures.

Lee Pantheon (Democratic Party), a Democratic Party, decided to establish a ‘self-classification game integrated follow-up management system’ in 2017, and the computer network system delivered two years later with a total budget of 3.88 billion won did not work. He has raised suspicions of misconduct because he does not raise a problem. For this purpose, 5,489 users participated in the signing of the solidarity, and the request for the audit was received by the Auditor.